Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Between 1989 and 2003, the nation of Liberia, on the western, sub-Saharan coast of Africa, collapsed into a civil war between the government of the despotic Charles Taylor and a coalition of warlords. Boys were conscripted, families torn apart, there were mass killings and rapes, and towns and villages were plundered and destroyed. In that sense, the Liberian conflict seems a mirror image of so many other African civil wars and atrocities that together have formed a kind of cruel cliché of Africa as a lost cause. But that’s where director Gini Reticker and producer Abigail Disney’s Pray the Devil Back to Hell shines like a beacon of hope. Their documentary casts light on how a group of commoners, driven only by the desire for peace, altered the course of a troubled nation’s history for the better. It’s even more astonishing to note that this group was made up entirely of women — mothers and daughters fed up with the cabal of thugs — all men — holding sway over their families and futures.
Read it here…


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