Sunshine Cleaning

Director Catherine Jeffs lucked out when she scored Amy Adams and Emily Blunt to co-star in her mildly pleasing dramedy Sunshine Cleaning. As sisters struggling to overcome their mother’s suicide, the actors’ appeal and chemistry provide Jeffs’s film its essential spark. Once the high school popularity queen, Rose (Adams) slogs along as a cleaning lady, and carries on an affair with her now-married high school boyfriend (Steve Zahn), meanwhile losing her grip on her sweet but emotionally neglected son, Oscar (Jason Spevack). Her younger sister, Norah (Blunt), is no better off: Directionless, she can’t hold down a job, and lives at home with their father, Joe (Alan Arkin). The ghost of their dead mother haunts Rose and Norah, weighing them down with guilt, anger, and wreaking havoc on their self-esteems.
Read it here…


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