Lukas Moodysson is something of a genius. This is a heartfelt comedy but with a subversive sense of humor. It’s a bit like watching a cross between Tod Solandz and Wes Anderson — biting but whimsical. Together follows a battered wife who, along with her young son and daughter, moves into a granola chomping, free love embracing, hippie household where her brother–a kind-hearted soul–has taken up residence. Their relationships are tested, some of them fall apart but those that endure do so through pure commitment and strength.

Meanwhile, the battered woman’s estranged husband struggles with his alcoholism, overcomes the worst in his nature and commits himself to getting his family back together. Moodysson’s message that peace and harmony are great so long as people truly love and respect each other is unexpectedly warm and void of cynicism — a welcome relief in these times when irony poisons everything. The movie’s style — a preternaturally spot-on simulacrum of the soft dissolves, dippy Casiotone music, and domestic melodrama of ’70s After School Specials — is absolutely brilliant. Moodysson’s’s tone is wry, honest, and hilariously straight-faced about the sexual contretemps that take place in this rackety house. In its depiction of the hope and sadness of childhood, it’s effortlessly poetic.

Grade: A

Directed by: Lukas Moodysson
Written by: Lukas Moodysson
Cast: Lisa Lindgren, Michael Nyquist, Emma Samuelsson, Sam Kessel, Gustav Hammarsten


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