The Trials of Henry Kissinger

A high-pitched bit of commotion arguing the case that Kissinger should be tried for crimes against humanity. Why not take the whole lot of political crooks and execute all of them while you’re at it? This 80 minute invective is based on a book by Christopher Hitchins and features compelling interviews, though nothing too earth-shaking. Essentially, it’s a succession of one talking head after another arguing that Kissinger ought to be tried under international law for genocide. Kissinger has a kind of souped-up PBS-Frontline feel to it, but it’s nowhere as riveting as some of that series’ best episodes. While it’s an interesting historical time capsule, I’m just not feeling the outrage Jarecki and Gibnev mean to foment. Global politicking and humanism are contradictory in nature and to suggest that Kissinger has done anything that many others before him and since have not regularly done, and with impunity, is to give this polemic too much credit. An incendiary piece of a rather innocuous order.

Grade: B-

Directed by: Eugene Jarecki
Written by: Alex Gibney


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